Packing my bag to school in the mornings can seem very overwhelming. That’s why I always try to pack a day before. I usually try to pack only essential items that don’t weigh down my bag because it takes me a very long time to get to school. I will share with you without which things I can’t go to school, let’s start!

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  • laptop– I would say the most important thing for a university student is a laptop. I use it during most of the lectures and during my breaks when I have to do homework. It’s the easiest way to access all the information for my classes.
  • notebook/planner– I am a person who likes to write down all the notes. I usually carry one big notebook that I use for two of my classes. My planner always helps me to stay organized and complete all the weekly tasks on time. Indigo is my favorite store to get the notebooks and planners from.
  • water bottle– Can’t leave my house without a water bottle. I carry tea or water in it. The best place to get my water bottles from is David’s Tea, their bottles are high quality and last for years.
  • lip balm/perfume/facial spray- I use my lip balm and facial spray as much as possible, this is the easiest way to take care of my face during long school days.
  • book/glasses (in a black case)– As I transit for a long time, I started reading a new book (when I finish reading “Red Notice”, I’ll write my review about it). Unfortunately, my vision is very bad and I can’t see well without my glasses.
  • headphones– An essential for when I transit to school and read my book.
  • pencil case– I like to have all my writing essentials in one place and organized. I got my pencil case from Indigo.
  • granola bar– Whenever I don’t have time to have lunch, I quickly snack with a granola bar.