This is the end of my PUB 101 class, but it’s just the start to my blog. In these few months, I gained a lot of experience blogging and also learning about myself. I always wanted to start my own blog but I never actually did until I took PUB 101. It allowed me to focus on the things I enjoyed the most and share them with others. I focused on fashion and lifestyle because it was something that I looked for on social media and the internet. My online self completely changed in this period of time. I learned a lot about the blogging process through Google Analytics, design, and audience.

During my blogging process, I discovered Google Analytics. It’s a great way to find out how people use your website. It’s fascinating to see how my number of audiences translate into online engagement. We can also see in the overview report on Google Analytics the site-wide bounce rate. The bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who bounce off my website without interacting further with it. My bounce rate is 47.17%. The lower the bounce rate, the better. People averagely spend around 3 minutes on my site. My blog is very visual, and that’s why people don’t have to spend a lot of time reading it. The other interesting thing to see through my analytics was where my audience are located. Most of my viewers are from Canada and the USA. I have a few visitors from Malaysia, Belgium, Germany, UK, and India. It’s exciting to see that people from other countries visited my blog. Google Analytics is essential to understand what people enjoy reading and what posts are the most popular. I really enjoyed using Google Analytics and learned a lot from it.

I also learned about blogging design through PUB 101. At the start, I spent the most time on trying to pick the theme that perfectly matched my blog content. I tried so many different ones, and I chose the Minimal Grid one. It’s immaculate, modern, and pure. This theme is visually-appealing and has a clear post listing layout. I prefer the simplistic design that prioritizes the content. My blog is mainly focused on the visuals. In my opinion, images are a compelling element that helps connect the users to the article before actually reading it. Creating the content of the blog and being able to present it clearly can be very challenging. This theme allowed me to create a better first impression of my site and make everything matches perfectly. I really enjoyed customizing every part of my blog.

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. And I always wanted to create my own blog to share my interests with the world. Learning about fashion really inspired me. I mainly focused my blog content on fashion and the latest trends. My blog helped me to understand myself better. The most important part of my blog is staying true to myself. My audience should know that I care about what I share with them. Being original and speaking my own voice is also another skill I gained through PUB101. It can be hard sometimes since I am reading so many blogs and what I read gets embedded into my brain. It’s also very important in keeping up with my blog. I’ve been posting every week for every section of my blog while taking PUB101. After the course is over, I am planning on posting every two weeks. Later, I am hoping to connect with more people who are interested in the same things as me. I am hoping to share more content which would help my blog grow automatically and engage with others.

I am very grateful that my school provides a course as PUB101 and gives the opportunity to share my interests through the blog. PUB101 taught me a lot about the online culture. I would like to thank Suzanne and Ellen for teaching me about the process of publications. It has been a great experience setting up my own blog. I am for sure planning on continuing my blogging journey and creating some interesting content in the future.


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