For my third peer review, I got a chance to review Marium’s blog . This peer review will focus on the blog’s marketability to the intended audience. The main focus of Marium’s blog is poetry.

The audience can get a clear view about Marium’s content of the blog by looking at About the Author section of her main page. It’s on the right, and it’s separated by color from all her other posts. There she shares with the audience the way her friends describe her. She intends to create a more united world by understanding the feelings people go through and share it through poems.

The design of her blog looks like it’s a book about magic. The colours she uses caught my attention immediately. Even though her blog design looks very girly, and you would think it will only attract the female audience, but once you read her blog posts, your opinion would change. Her poetry content is very deep and can connect with different groups of people.

My favorite part of her blog was that many of her posts include songs. The lyrics of the songs she uses for every post match her poetry. I believe that listening to the song and reading the poem at the same time, allows the audience to experience better Marium’s feelings.

On the menu tab, Marium also has a FAQs section. It’s a great way to allow visitors of her page to get answers to some of the important questions.

Through Marium’s FAQs section, I discovered that she also has an Instagram page with her boyfriend. There they share poetry while being in the long distance relationship. It’s a great way to inspire other people who are in the same situation as them.

I really enjoyed reviewing Marium’s blog and can’t wait to see how it develops. Everyone should go and take a look at Marium’s blog!